The schools at Trinita dei Monti

Nearly 700 students come to Trinité-des-Monts every day

The Sacred Heart Institute

In June 1828 in the complex of the Trinity Dei Monti a French school opened (where the teaching was doing in French.) From 1833, a free elementary school in Italian open its gate to the girls from the neighbourhood. 

The History of Europe and Italy has played a substantial role in the evolution of this school, but the original purpose has stayed the test of time: to spread knowledge of the French language and French culture.

Always aware of the international culture, the school is specialized in international studies. Students do have the choice to take the French or the Italian baccalauréat/diploma.

Emmanuel School of Mission

Answering to the call of the Church to Holiness and Mission, the Emmanuel Community is offering new evangelization formation to young men and women between 19 and 30 years old in the Catholic Faith.

The Emmanuel School of Mission (ESM) is an international school which trains missionary leaders for the Church, rooted in a profound relationship with Christ and open to the world.

La Petite École

The program of this all French Nursery school follows the programs proposed in French kindergartens and from the French Ministry of Education.