The Community

The Emmanuel Community is a Catholic Lay International Community founded by Pierre Goursat that brings together men and women of all walks of life that share a common call to strive for holiness and commit themselves to actively live their faith in their daily lives through adoration, compassion and evangelization. 

It is a community made up of different vocations: lay people (married couples, single men and women, youth), priests and lay men and women consecrated in celibacy


The fact of being in front of Christ really present lovingly in the Blessed Sacrament focuses our prayer. We know that he is there. We are called to recognize this presence, and to turn towards him: “Lord, you are there. Here I am at your feet. I believe you are truly present in the Eucharist.”


The fruit of adoration is charity. We see that we are growing in these two loves: love for God, with the desire to render love for love; and love for our brothers and sisters, especially for those who suffer or who do not know God, or who reject him. True adoration changes our life, it moves us to act.


If I truly love my brother and sister, then I want to give them what is best. For us, the best thing we have been given is the Love of God. It is through Love that we go and evangelize.
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Founder of
the Emmanuel Community

Pierre Goursat (1914-1991) was a humble lay person who was both contemplative and a man of action.  Since his conversion at age 19, he had been burning with love for Christ, compassion for the poor, and zeal for evangelization. He was 58 years old when he made the 1972 experience of “the outpouring of the Spirit” and founded the Emmanuel Community.